In the studio

Last Thursday I got the opportunity to try out some studio lighting in my appartment, thanks to my colleague Tony who brought his equipment over to me. The models for my very first studio shoot was Mattias, another guy from work, his brother Patrik and his girl Linda. Have to give you guys credit too and thank you for being patient with us and for not giving up on, although the session took a long time!
The lighting we used worked really well for the kind of photos we wanted this time, three 150w flashes with two soft boxes and one silver umbrella. For some pictures we used the third flash to lit the background to get it really white. I’m really pleased with the result considered this being my studio premiere. These pictures are supposed to be framed and be given to their families as Christmas gifts so I hope they will appreciate our work! ”Our” because Fredrik was also there to help with some ideas, be sure to check out his pictures too on his blog;
I feel it won’t be long until I buy my own studio gear and start to experiment even more, this was great fun and I could easily be doing this every week for the rest of our dark winter time 🙂

Here are the best pictures, I’m posting in both colour and black/white, please tell me wichever You like better!

The brothers

Linda ❤ Patrik

El Clásico – Real Pat vs Rohdinho




















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