Machu Picchu and the land of the Incas

So this will be the final post from our journey around South America..! Our last stop was Peru for hiking at the Inca trail, a 45km walk over 3 nights and 4 days, walking 8-11 hours walking a day! And of course it’s located on high altitude, from which you recieve altitude sickness which is not really what you need when the air is so thin already. However, the experience was far beyond my expectations! The stories about the Inca kingdom are truly amazing. This is something I really want to recommend you to do if you ever make it over to this side of the world, not forget to mention those of you who live there, you should really go!
Wherever you go along the Andean mountain range, who stretches all across the continent from North to South, you know it’s gonna be beautiful! Walking along this stunning trail is true joy. And as you walk, you try to imagine what life could have been like back at he 12th century, based on the stories the guides were telling about ”The four regions of the sun”. Amazing stories! We completed the 45 km trail as we reached Machu Picchu at dawn on the fourth day. Stunning view that is hard to recreate in a picture, but maybe some of the mystical feeling can go through the screen.
This Last picture shows another Inca site along the trail.
Finally I would like to thank all you lovely people we’ve had the pleasure to meet along our journey. I just wanna thank you all for being you, helping me grow as a person in so many ways. It really teaches you a lot when you go outside your ”comfort zone” as you do when you go travelling places you’ve never been meeting only new people wherever you go!
Before we arrived to the start of the Inca trail, we stopped by a tiny old fashioned village by bus and got a closer look of the colourful dresses these people were wearing and how they are made. What caught my camera-eye were the mothers carrying the little babies, so adorable I just had to get some shots of them.

For me I feel it was necessary to closely encounter poverty in different ways. This has made me realize how well of we are in the west, economically and how fortunate I am to be among the few people that happens to be born in the rich parts of the world, with the ability to travel all over the rest of the world if you just work hard. Few people in the world has luxorious opportunities like that!
When the plane took off from Cusco, I thought to myself; many of these people probably live their whole life up here, but are still unable to enjoy the view of their country from high above in an airplane because they can’t afford to fly. I bet they would be just as amazed as I was though, looking down on the beautiful mountain range. And there was I, just someone who happened to be born in another corner of our world with so many more choices of how to live my life. But are we happier because of that? Are we more generous and true because of that? One year ago I maybe would have said yes to that. At the moment I have no doubts, we are not! This journey has taught me so much about me, about people, about sharing, about life!

Once again, a big thank you to all You beautiful souls out there in the world, making this a better place!
Peace & Love from Sweden ❤



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