Pura Vida – Life is good!

When we arrived to San José it didn’t take more than a couple of minutes until the taxi driver told us to leave the capital city as soon as possible. Good start! But he was right, the town does not show any of the beauty Costa Rica has to offer. We weren’t planning to stay in the city anyway, as our goal here was to become better surfers and that is not gonna happen inlands. So where to go? Costa Rica offers a lot of good surf spots, but I think we found the best there is, Santa Teresa. Why? Well first of all it’s so consistent. There are surfable waves almost every day of the year. Sometimes too big for us (and for many others) when big swells are coming in and you are not even able to paddle out, but that’s rare. Second thing is you got plenty of space as the beach stretches for several kilometers and you don’t have to fight other surfers for the waves. With these great conditions I managed to catch a lot more waves than I did in Australia two years ago and now I can proudly say that I actually can surf! 😀
Playa Santa TeresaSanta Teresa is a tiny place and there is not a lot to do besides surfing. On top of that the sun sets before 6pm, so you better be up early to make the most of the day! At least I’ve had a lot of time to think, plan and just reflect on various stuff. That’s been really appriciated. One thing I won’t miss though are all the bugs and other animals that you just don’t want too close, like around and inside your house…

Let’s make a list of all the animals I encountered at the house:
– crabs
– spiders
– frogs
– cockroaches
– ants & flying ants
– big flying bugs
– even bigger flying bug
– opossums
– bats
– humming birds
– squirrel
– mantis
– crickets
..there are probably more that I forgot about. And not to forget of course, the howling monkeys that woke you up in the mornings. Thanks guys 🙂
Some pictures of our house, aka the playground for all these cratures…
                                                                                   …my epic surfboard! 8’7″ Canadian quality 🙂

We also made a trip to the cloud forests of Monteverde for a couple of days, but then my camera collapsed so I ain’t got any pictures from there :/ A beautiful forest to go trekking, and then we went on a Canopy tour, a set of about 15 ziplines, some going just above the trees and some 180 over the forest. The longest one is about 1km and you go Superman style, head first. Awsome!

The next and final update from this amazing journey will be from Perú and Machu Picchu.
Until then, pura vida!



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