Cúba – You’ll never walk alone, amigo!

I got good news and bad news. First..? The bad news. Ok!

Phrases that put your patience to a real test when you hear them over and over and over again:
– Hola amigo, where you from? Qué pays?
– Taxi? Taxi? TAXI??? …Tazzi?
– You like cigars? My friend, come here!
– You like to go (insert random activity)? I have a friend that…. bla bla bla
– Good price! Look!
I think I’ve used the words ”No gracias” more times the last two weeks than for all the previous three months of this trip!

Now the good news!
Our stay on Cuba also had bright days of course! Relaxing on beautiful Playa Ancón, snorkelling the reef outside of Playa la Boca, going on a boat tour trolling for BIG fish and more… that’s memorable, even if your ”friends” aka mental enemies are lurking just around the corner… 😉
Moments like those and people like Rosa, the woman hosting our homestay the first days in Havana, are memories to keep! Also, Cuba is a really greatful place to bring your camera. I’ve had a thing for a while that I wanted to get some portraits of black people, and Cuba was the place to find interesting characters for this purpose!

When you’re walking the streets of Havana, you sometimes feel like you want to glance at some newspaper to verify what date it is, cause it truly feels like you’ve made a time travel with all the old American cars from the 1950’s. It’s really cool, and makes nice pictures so thank you Cubans for keeping them running! First picture with the famous building Capitolo in the background, a gift from the U.S.
After a couple of days in Havana we headed for the sout coast for some lazy days at a place called Playa Girón. A tip to all of you concidering visiting Cuba, simply don’t include Playa Girón in your plans 😉 Here I’ve tried to make three pictures from the same place at the same time to look different from eachother.
Continuing further east took us to Trinidad, a really charming old fashioned little town.
We spent a morning on a 36 foot boat trolling for big fish, and in my opinion we managed to get a BIG fish hooked! Fred got pretty tired in his arms after pulling up this 5,5 kg barracuda (:

This morning we arrived in Costa Rica and the plan is to find a house someplace nice near the beach to stay for a longer time to work on the surfing skills. I imagine the pictures from here to be dominated by palm trees, beaches, surfers and stuff like that. Time will tell if my vision will come true or if other objects appear more interesting…

Peace & Love to all of you from the Carribbean paradise!
Today starts a new chapter of this amazing journey (:


4 svar

  1. Agus

    Every little detail hides a very big story. Those cars are really PIOLA and I would definitely hang out with that people.

    Would love to see more raw pictures.

    keep rocking.


    12 april, 2011 kl. 03:55

    • That’s true! The old cars are all so cool, but it has bacome a bit commercial because lots of them are used as Taxis, which makes it a little less geniune.. New pics might be delayed a while due to surfing 😉 Thanks for you kind words, Im glad you like my ”art” (:

      12 april, 2011 kl. 06:33

  2. Udd

    Sjukt snygga bilder / färger / macro eller va de heter, riktigt kul att se… Btw, under Argentina delen är det Peck-Meck som spelar gitarr på tango-dansen? 😀

    Ha det bäst!!


    14 april, 2011 kl. 23:19

    • Tack Ved! Kul att du hänger med 😀 Haha fråga Pekken på fejan om han också varit ute och rest? 😉

      15 april, 2011 kl. 05:26


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