Buenos Aires

Today is kind of a sad day because we have to leave Buenos Aires and all the lovely people we’ve been fortunate to meet :/ Rocío, Agustine and Alejo, you will always be remembered! I’m really going to miss all of your warmth, your caring, loving and all the laughs we’ve had..! You are the reason we extended our stay here in the first place but yet we wish for nothing than more time with you! (:
One thing that makes me happy is to see these peoples spirit when they talk about visiting Europe! It awakens something inside of myself and fills me with energy just by listening to others and their dreams of exploring the world, just as we are doing at the moment on their home ground. I really hope, and I do believe that you are determined enough not to let go of these plans and make it reality soon, because it would be a true pleasure to get together again and go for new adventures… (:

As you can see, my summary of the city of Buenos Aires is not what you usually tell when leaving a big city like this, but this time really is different. I could tell you about the usual ”touristy” stuff, but for me that is not what I’m going to remember from this stay anyway, so I’ll just let you view my pictures from around the city and make up your own stories about them (: I don’t know how inspiring most of them are for others this time, but for me they contain a lot of soul and that is what I would like to remember!

A panorama picture of the famous Obelisco downtown. Clickable for full size view.
The typical taxidriver pose with the arm hanging out (:
Old guy with the coolest stick ever invented!
Ran into some really cool graffiti, also in the Palermo area.
Pepeyn! If you are reading, this piece of art reminded me of you in some way (:
We also visited the famous La Boca area with the characteristic colourful houses. The area surrounding the few streets that are for tourists are concidered less safe, so to get here you either have to go by bus or taxi. Walking is said to be like asking to get robbed…
Few things are more Argentinian than tango…
…ok, Maradona, son of La Boca, maybe is worth mentioning…
…and also typical, the LOVELY grilled meat called asado! Parrillas are the places you go to eat it. The last thing to fit in this ensemble would be a Maté cup, but I forgot to take a picture of mine. Right now it’s going through the 24 hr opening ceremony. Maybe it deserves it’s own blog post 😉
The no.1 beer!

Last weekend I went to visit one of our new friends who lives in La Plata, a smaller city just outside of Buenos Aires. As a contrast to the hectic environment in the city core, it’s so relaxing to spend a whole day in a quiet, peaceful park without all the noises from cars, sirens and other stuff. For me, the quietness have become something I appreciate more and more every day, maybe I’m getting old haha (:
As the sun was about to set, I wanted to capture the feeling of this day within some pictures of this girl while she was mastering the slackline! All from the same spot but yet a little different.
…So who is she then, this balancing girl, who so far is only showing her feet? Her name is Rocío, a girl with the unique combination of being just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside! Bringing a smile to her face for this picture wasn’t too hard, even though at first she tried to have the ”Que piola”-look 😀

This is the last update from Argentina. Tonight we’re flying to Cuba and Havana, wich I believe will be quite different from where we’ve been so far. And finally, to all new friends we’ve made here I just wanna say: no te amo, pero…



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  1. Rocío Caldiz

    W o W! (with two bigs ”W” as our picture)

    What can I say about this post ? It makes me feel very proud of living in BA. It had been also touristic days for me, since we went to many places I didn’t know.
    I already told you, but you know that it has been really really nice to meet you, since our first ”honesty” conversation that night during the dinner in the Hostel. I’m also kind of sad that you leave, but it would be stupid to feel like that after these amazing days we spent together, so the only thing I can say is THANKS to let me get to know you better, and share everything with me.
    Hope you continue enjoying and meeting people from all parts of the world.
    You’re going to be ALWAYS welcome to BA and La Plata whenever you want!

    PS: BTW, eventhough that ”little” problem you had with our favourite picture, I love the ones you took! (I’m always available to be your model again, and POR SUPUESTO, all for free haha)
    THANKS for what you write in the post, is very nice

    Un abrazo GRANDE de tu amiga argentina.
    (and also another one from Mr. Smoothie)

    15 mars, 2011 kl. 00:42

  2. Agus

    The Old guy with the coolest stick ever invented is call Juan. Cool crazy drunk guy. It’s obvious that he a millionaire fashion designer in disguise.

    Men, it would be te best pleasure to gather all again in Europe. I know it’s going a new adventure.

    Viking hug

    12 april, 2011 kl. 03:48

    • Is that old dude well known in BA? Jaja you know it, he’s for sure the Ralph Lauren of walking sticks 😀
      Discovering Europe along with you guys would be amazing!!! We’ll make it happen, don’t worry 😀

      abrazo de mono ❤

      12 april, 2011 kl. 06:25


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