Cataratas del Iguazú

Since I’ve been requested to write my blogposts in English a couple of times, I’ve decided to give it a chance this time. So to you guys who perhaps are enjoying this, be sure to show some appreciation or this might be the only time you can read my story! 😉

In my last post I told you about the insane amount of time we’ve been spending on buses for the last couple of months. Therefore I’m happy to be able to say the trip to Puerto Iguazú, close to the Brazilian border, was probably the last overnight bustrip for a long time! Not that the buses aren’t comfortable, but you probably understand when I say you get tired of it sooner or later…
However, the Iguazú Falls was a great experience! It is probably one of the greatest natural beauties of Argentina! We decided, after some recommendations, not to go to the Brazil side of the falls, since the majority is still on the Argentinian side we thought that would be well enough. We started the day by going to maybe the most famous part of the falls; Garganta del Diablo, or the Devils Throat, a U-shaped fall which is the highest in the park, about 80 meters.
This picture is clickable to get a larger view.

On the way back from the visit to Devil’s Throat we ran into a whole bunch of these cute little fellas, called South American Coati (Näsbjörn på svenska), who were really curious about us and our backpacks, especially Mike’s who had to really hold on to his (: Unfortunately I was not quick enough with my camera to catch it, but try to imagine a bunch of impatient kids trying to litteraly grab the presents out of Santa’s sack 😉
We carried on to see other parts of the falls, who really is massive! I heard some people talking about the famous Niagara, and according to them that was nothing in comparison to Iguazú! We also went on a boat tour that took us more or less into the falls! If we got wet? Oh yeah! ^^
Here are some views from the lower balconies.
It’s a shame that we missed the time when the park was closing. We thought it was at 8pm, but a Ranger told us already at 6 that it was time for us to leave :/ We had just made it to the upper balconies when he ”caught us” and we had to head back, but I really wanted to get least some shots of the amazing view from up there, so I was stalling him and acted like a kid who want’s so stay out and play when the parents are calling!
Although we were carrying our backpacks with the camera equipment, I still wanted to get really close to the falls at least once, so we put the raincover on and walked out on this bridge, which would later turn out to be unhealthy for my trekking shoes, that got soaked and smells really bad until today, more than a week later 😦

Finally some more animals I spotted along the walk through the National Park. A really large bumblebee kind of thing and a posing dragonfly.

Now we’re back  in Buenos Aires, a town that has so far brought us a lot of fun, and more is to come for sure! 😀 This weekend we were throwing a housewarming party at the apartment we are renting for three weeks, and next weekend it’s time for our Danish girlfriends to do the same! And yesterday we got to play football with Agustine and his friends. Sweaty as hell but loads of fun! (:
We’ve also been invited for another traditional Argentinian barbeque. For all of you who loves grilled meat, Argentina is heavenly! BIG UP for Asado, as they call it!

Peace & Love to all you lovely people we’ve had the pleasure to meet during our trip! ..and to all of you back home as well 😉


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  1. Rocío Caldiz

    Thank u very much for writing in english! I really enjoy it, and like I told, your pictures are amazing! I love them. I’m glad to hear that you’re having a great time in B.A and to be part of that.

    sm O O th !

    1 mars, 2011 kl. 00:01

    • Thank you for thanking me! 😉 Btw, guess what am I drinking right now? sm O O thie (:

      1 mars, 2011 kl. 15:08

  2. Rocío Caldiz

    Mate ? Chia Latte ? haha

    1 mars, 2011 kl. 18:32

    • OMG! I was drinking a smOOthie!!! 😉

      2 mars, 2011 kl. 17:20


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